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Written with over 60 years of combined collecting experience from its authors, The Garage Sale Millionaire offers up all the need-to-know information and insider tips you’ll need to track down those hard to find treasures, hidden gems, and those collectible items which, upon resale, will make you money. With the information provided in The Garage Sale Millionaire, you’ll have a definite advantage over your competition in buying, valuing, and selling your collectibles for substantial profits. The last chapter of The Garage Sale Millionaire takes all the information found in the book and binds it together to show you, by example, how to put on the best garage sale ever to make you the most money possible from your efforts. Additionally, The Garage Sale Millionaire includes the most in-depth glossary ever found in a book on the subject of collecting to date. At $22.95, The Garage Sale Millionaire was specifically written to be an invaluable resource for all collectors who consistently want to make money for many years to come.

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