A man in the U.K. purchased a lot of Pottery for £100, unknowingly becoming the new owner of a piece of Chelsea porcelain in which there are only two in existence! What a surprise, when he put it up for sale at an auction and it sold for £45,000! This special piece was made 266 years ago, and bares a specific marking, the crown and trident, only found on 20 pieces of Chelsea porcelain.


Next time you are at a garage sale or auction make sure you check out the porcelain section! 220 billion dollars was made from garage sales in glassware and dinnerware alone. Speaking of dinnerware, keep an eye out for all colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Vintage Pyrex goes for big bucks on Etsy and Ebay. Look for collections, because they sell for more. Jade-ite is a big seller as well. There is a 16-piece dishware set is going for $520 on Ebay right now. Anything that looks tarnished; cups, silverware, ect. could actually be real silver. And keep an eye out for anything with an iridescent patina. It is called carnival glass, and is highly collectible. But rule of thumb, just keep an eye out for any patterned glass. Any patterned translucent colored glass, you may have stumbled upon depression-era glassware. It could be crystal, and if it’s etched with the Waterford or Fostoria mark it is worth picking up. This is a lot of information to drop on you all at once about dinnerware! But if there is one thing you look for on a piece, turn it over and look for a stamp, marking, or signature. Just like this porcelain beaker, you could be holding a piece of £45,000 porcelain and not even know it.


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-The Garage Sale Millionaire


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